favorite christmas ornaments and pjs

Are we tired of seeing my children in matching Christmas pajamas yet? I don't think I could ever tire of these three matching. Especially during such a festive time of year! I did this last year too, but I like to ask the kids what their favorite ornament is, and other than David, they usually choose the newest addition. Letty's is her Anna and Elsa singing ornament from Disney. David's is the Cape Cod boat he got a few years ago. And Dominic's is his Finding Dory Mickey head he got this year from Disney as well. They all like their travel ornaments (all from Nonna and Pop too!)... I just love this bunch so much and I love Christmas and I love my tree with all the gifts tucked all nicely in beneath it! Oh how sad I'm going to be when this holiday is over and done! Let us not focus on such things...



  1. aw those three. so cute. so deadly. haha. jk. the matching pjs makes me wanna do this with my brother and i dont know if that is weird or fun. haha.

    xoxo cheshire kat


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