dominic's third birthday party

This past week Dominic turned the ripe old age of three and as we do, we all gathered together for dinner, cake and presents in his honor. It's just a family affair, immediate only, and yet still it turns into close to twenty people. Dom chose a Star Wars theme which I mean, surprise surprise. We got pizza for the kids per Dom's request and Matt made spaghetti and meatballs for the rest of us.

After dinner we had presents! Dom hit the jackpot with a Millennium Falcon, Darth Vader, Star Wars tshirt, a wooden car wash and service station, two stuffed figures from the Dark Side and a big ole rocket and docking station. The Force is strong with this one. Matt and his engineer of a brother spent quite awhile putting things together and hey better them than I am I right? We sang and had cake which basically meant the birthday boy had nothing but icing but that is quite normal is it not? Black and red icing all around! Thank you to all who came out and celebrated the littlest man in our lives! We love and appreciate you all just so very much! And what does it mean that Dom has a thing for the bad guys? Probably nothing good... And how about these December birthdays and their festive surroundings? All the fun in one month for these poor souls right?

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