cousins in christmas jams!

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has been around here for any serious length of time... but family is like, important to me. Yes, yes, my children of course but more than that I mean. My parents and my siblings and their kids are like my very best of friends and we see them more than the Kennedy's saw their own brood. Multiple times a week. Every week. If we could just but build a compound of sorts I'm sure most of us would agree to move on it together. Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing my kids playing with their cousins and having their cousins just so very close to them in age and geography! It is just wonderful

It is also wonderful that each and every Christmas my sister and my sister-in-law agree to purchasing matching Christmas jammies for all the cousins to have. This year proved to be the most difficult so I'm hoping that doesn't mean this is the last year for it... what with Letty needing an 8 and Harrison needing a 6 month... It was no easy feat! But Beth was not easily shaken and so it happened! I've been keeping my kids out of these for the most part because: white. But that's what drew me to them in the first place? However we finally (I was sick for like a week, nothing crazy here) were all healthy and in the same house at the same time and I put the foot down. It was time to get them all in a frame in the jams.

Anyways. Cousins! And matching Christmas jams forever and ever amen!
We tried to take the party outside for a hot second but Dom refused to sit because "his hiney was cold" and so there you have it Dom. You ruined it for us all.