Oh when Christmas season comes to Hersheypark! The lights! The music! The reindeer! And don’t forget Santa! We headed up there a few weekends ago, or maybe it was last weekend, who’s to say? Anyways we went up to ride some rides and see the Big Man himself and see those lights! 

Letty insisted on a Super Dooper Looper run and wow cold! Not till spring my love, not till spring. Then we went to meet Santa, baking as we waited in line. David was at the top of the nice list! Shocker! Dom required some assistance from Dad but still, better than last year! We were able to put the kids on a lot of rides and see those reindeer... I made everyone hang around for the first light show  of the evening because we were just sooo close. Once the sun went down we all started to get a wee bit chilly so we didn’t last too long after those lights came on... Heat on high in the van on the way home! We will be back again Candylane! Lest you fret!
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