I should preface this by saying that I do not like old things. Old things of my mother’s or grandmother's or great-great-grandmother’s sure! But I know them and I am related to them. Old things dusty with age found in a store well, that’s never been my thing. But it’s been my mother’s thing. Forever. When we were little we always went antiquing. My siblings and I trying to occupy ourselves without breaking anything. Sometimes I left with a marble shooter... One time my mother went round and round this Santa for what was certainly hours just to leave it there, drive an hour or nine home, and then return the very same day to buy him. Uphill both ways. But. Dare I say I may be changing just a bit?  As long as I can disinfect it it’s all good right? Spray a little Lysol on it? Typically I see a lot of antiques and they creep me out. Someone died on that! That’s my go to response. Okay so anyways. My brother drives past this wonderful German Christmas shop, The Christmas Haus and he has been trying for years to get my mother there. Imported German ornaments! All Christmas all the time? It’s pretty much her jam. And yes I know I said antiquing so bear with me. My mom was finally convinced to make the hour or so drive out there, almost in Gettysburg, to check out this shop. Ashley and Mikayla and Dom and I were also going. A few of these photos are my sister-in-law's...

She got herself a few ornaments and pretty much loved the German store. 
But here comes all the antique stores! They are just everywhere out there. And even a few malls, one of which we spent hours walking around in and getting lost along the way. My mom got a few things and even I did too! A printer’s drawer? Now how to decorate it!? Anyways I had to carry Dom the entire time and I’m pretty sure my arms are still sore but nothing was broken so overall a great success! And I sent my sister scads of creepy items we saw along the way. It’s a fun game if I do say so myself. Antique dolls and baby items give me the biggest of the creeps for sure...
And of course my purchase... Hanging on a wall in my kitchen...
We got lunch on our way back home and then coffee and then naps for those who needed them most! It was such a fun day! I sense a tradition in the making!



  1. lol your mom is SO excited and i just love it. the trip tuckered you all out. and i love all the creepy stuff. that chair? gimme. clearly i'm the odd ball. but you crack me up with your anti antiques for as much as you kinda have that style lately. a little. a fun adventure indeed

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. WHY are there so many creepy antique toys/dolls?!

  3. Some of the things in antique stores is pretty creepy! But, I do enjoy going to them. Looks like a fun day!

  4. ahhh i LOVE this!!!!!! i love old things and i'm proud to see you trying. ;) ;) ;) i just don't feel like we make lasting things anymore, and i weirdly, desperately want the old things to stay around! but the creepy stuff... hilarious!!!!


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