a quick jaunt to candylane!

The more visits we can get in to Hersheypark this year the better, unless you ask Matt in which case he will beg that this one will be the last. But suffice it to say that when it is suggested that we go, he goes. My parents and sister and her family were there this time as well... and we even ran into our Fitzs which is always a wonderful perk. The kids rode a bunch of rides and we had the pleasure of meeting Santa once more. This time Dom actually agreed to stand by Santa and hey! There were no tears! The bad news is that the boys have both changed their "ask" so I'm pretty much screwed come Christmas morn. 

We started to freeze and headed out of the park for a quick late dinner at Wendy's that turned into an almost hour long dinner at Wendy's. Somehow the kids were functioning the next day at school so I am just yay all about that, bad service be damned!

This very well may be our last visit and if it is, farewell my Hersheypark! As much as I love the Christmas lights and music I look forward to the warmth once more!


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  1. oh my i love christmas in the park. it just makes me happy. everyone looks so cold though haha. i cant imagine. you know florida is getting snow? and we'll be below freezing this week? GLOBAL WARMING THO

    xoxo cheshire kat


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