what's new with you?

Good morning, good morning! Good morning to you! If I say that in a sing-songey voice all is right with the world, right? We sing like Julie Andrews and all is good yes? Let's go with that.
So let us see what is new with me and mine? Well like I said yesterday I'm already decorating for Christmas. So there is that. Sorry folks! As soon as Halloween is over it is full on North Pole in my casa. The kids don't really mind my brand of crazy, they love seeing their Christmas trees come out of storage and all lit on up for them all night long!

Okay so the other night after catching up (totally needed on my end) with my college friend turned Floridian Kerri, she introduced me to Bat Dad. And so yes I must still be under my rock because holy funny and where has he been all my adult life?? I watched so many of his videos and cracked myself up laughing. Sometimes you just need something silly. And maybe slightly inappropriate. RELATIONS!

Back to more appropriate matters to discuss, Letty's fall party for her class is tomorrow and I am really just looking forward to crossing that one off the list. I feel like I'm "good" but I also have never done this before (why are new things so hard?) so I want to see how it all pans out. What works. What doesn't. etc.

I have taken Dom to a few of these music mornings at a local church (or mecca, not sure, that place is ginormous) and well... he hates them. We pulled up  last week and he said "not againnnnn!" so, not his cup of tea? He rarely leaves my lap and doesn't participate much. I figure that means I should expose him to more.

I started reading Girl on the Train and while it was really good it was just so so heavy for me right now and I need something lighter and more uplifting. Let's go with that. I just finished the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and while it wasn't uplifting necessarily it wasn't as dark as the train book so... I'm in the market, as it were, for a new book to read.

David is well... David. What is there to say? Middle child syndrome is out in full force and we are just trying to roll with it best we can... But our mornings lately have been far from peaceful and without some majorly patience wearing thin type activities. 

The other day Matt brought home three Toys R Us catalogs for the kids to tear through and cut out their dream list from Santa... a relic from his childhood... We were both sorry to see that catalog has greatly shrunk in size. That thing used to be a tome. And don't worry we had the kids mark what was their most important wish plus also other options for that Santa that I am sure is on a budget.

And finally some of my new to me favorite Instagram accounts! Lisa, Johnny, Julia, Makelle and Katrina, to name a few.

So what about you? What's new with you?

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