trick or treating!

Everyone moved on from Halloween? Are we sick of all the cute photos of kids in their costumes? I know I was developing carpal tunnel last Wednesday morning scrolling through my social media feeds liking this photo or that... But not to disappoint I must share our Halloween night! Historically, (ten years running now) my family comes over for pizza and drinks before Trick-or-Treat time. It's an early dinner, shoving in whatever caloric intake we can manage before it's time to start dressing our children in layers. We turn on the ceiling fans and open the windows and screen door just so we as their parents don't hyperventilate or die from heat exhaustion. And I am never one to exaggerate. The kids dressed, they run out front to see the Lighting of the Jack-o-lanterns while the parents fill up their travel mugs with their special mommy and daddy drinks....
We need a wagon of course, not for the children when they get tired but for the sheer volume of candy they score in this development. We are probably near 200 houses now so you can only imagine... And then multiple by three children and you can picture the stocked level of our candy drawer. Yes we have a drawer. I blame Matt. 
I had a talk with the bigger kids that we are doing this with our family and so no in advance sorry friends I always trick-or-treat with my cousins. And if that doesn't work just say no my mommy won't let me. Because she's mean. I don't care so long as they  know they aren't leaving us. They did a pretty decent job of waiting for the younger ones after each house... or perhaps the younger ones are just getting faster in their advanced age? Either way we traveled around as a group just trick-or-treating our little hearts out. Some of these photos are my sister-in-law's.
And then we ate a lot of candy.

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