the kid’s school fall parties

I don't remember having class parties when I was in elementary school.... and that is because either they didn't exist in the olden days or because it just wasn't a thing in Maine or well because my brain is a sieve and there you have it. Either way I can imagine the joy that a class party would have brought me when I was younger! And I got to go in to the kid's school for not just one party, but two.

David's party was the Friday before Halloween. Just to get them all sugared up for the weekend. They played games and made crafts and ate snacks and it was pretty much the best thing ever. He got lots of little prizes that are littered all over the van including one very realistic spider ring that has given me a fright a time or twenty.
The next party was the Friday after Halloween and this one as Letty's Room Mom I had the great pleasure of planning. I know they are first graders but man. Pressure was on! I couldn't be the lame parent who totally didn't plan a fun party! I think I did okay though... at least I heard no complaints from said first graders. We had a few games and activities and a craft and then rounded it all out with some eating time. Letty thought the best part was the kernel prize bucket thing that I added in last minute and instantly regretting because holy heavy. 
That is a wrap on the fall parties! Now I'm off to Pinterest to start getting ideas for the holiday party! It never ends!



  1. i would feel such pressure. like, am i cool mom? i dont want my kid's friends to be like, what loser is that? lol. i would be all up in my head. looks like great success though!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. 'my brain is a sieve' - that's my reasoning for everything i don't remember lol. looks like some fun parties, though the spider ring sounds terrifying no thank you please.

  3. omg, i'm so glad you survived the parties!!! especially having to plan as room mom... look at you go!!! that's amazing. i get SO stressed out about party planning, which is why i avoid it. haha. you did so great!!

  4. Our district only allows 2 parties a year. So they do Christmas and Easter! I’m glad they chose those two to celebrate. How fun to get to go to the parties with your two, though. It looks like you planned a pretty great party.


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