our thanksgiving day

The day of the actual holiday we always gather at my parent's house, with relatives driving in from New York for the day as well. We eat a lot of food as one does on Thanksgiving, my particular favorite being the anti-pasta, heavy on the cold cut bread. We made a fun festive beverage this year too, entitled Thanksgiving Jungle Juice. My cousins spent countless hours occupying my kids and it was a welcome little break for me... My nephew Harrison was pretty much the highlight of the day, being passed around from person to person bringing smiles wherever he goes. Years ago my parents finished their basement so that we would have a place to go that had enough room for all of us... but this was the first year where we were mingling on two floors. Maybe it's the kids getting older or maybe its the fact we can watch them on my dad's camera... but it was nice to be hanging out in the rest of the  house like normal humans too.

Cornelius came too as he does after dinner, this year bearing new Christmas pajamas and his storybook. Look how cute all those cousins are in their white pjs! We just need to squish Mikayla Rae right into the lot of them. And I can't wait to do that!

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