our thanksgiving break

We had our Disney vacation of course and then after only a day and a half of school the kids were then on break for the holiday. Talk about great timing! Oh how I didn't want to go back to a schedule and packed lunches yet! Our break was chock full of good things as I am sure you can imagine! And lest you fret, I'm here to tell you all about it for you fascinated souls...

We got the kids right off the bus on Tuesday and headed to Pizza Hut to use David's Book It coupon... We probably will just start doing take out though from now on because like Matt and I need an excuse to eat pizza right?
We let Letty stay up pretty late with us watching Christmas movies a lot this break... Just because we could. That girl will do just about anything for a late night and some popcorn with mom and dad. Wednesday we met up with some friends to go see a movie and then have lunch. We watched the Ninjago movie which whatever I have no idea but the boys liked it and the girls had popcorn. Dom did great seeing as it was his first movie, making not a peep and wandering down the aisle only a little. I'd call it a success.. And then: Happy Meals!
Thursday was of course Thanskgiving which we all already know about... Friday morning we hosted the whole group for a breakfast of champions and my hair still smells like bacon....I really loathe the smell of bacon! Friday night we had my family over for Chinese and we watched Christmas Vacation in the basement, being sure do to lots of "beep!" over all the adult words.... More than I thought, that's for sure.
Saturday started off with field hockey first thing and then two birthday parties! Let's just pack the day right on up shall we?! Letty has taken to practicing in the house with a tennis ball which I'll allow just because I'm so happy to see her love something! The first party was for a friend of David's that I didn't even know he had but turns out he does.... he's like the mayor. Knows everyone's first and last names and see also sibling names. The second party we all went too and that one was for a set of twins whose parent's we know since college days. Saturday night I didn't move off the couch.
Sunday we had pizza at my parent's before heading up to Hersheypark's Candylane... more on that later as I'm sure you can imagine. See also, cold.
Monday was our final day off and I just wanted to do all the festive things. Write letters to Santa, make reindeer food... and bake the first batch of Christmas cookies (which I partially burned, schade). I am nothing if not thorough.
I was definitely sad to see the kids get back on the bus on Tuesday! Not that these school days bring me any break... because they certainly don't! But I love having them home with me... which I mean if you've been around here any length of time you know already.... So how was your Thanksgiving break? I know a lot of parents were pleased as punch to put their kids on the bus and that's just fine too!