our disney vacation, the savannah portion

We are back from our stint in the south as it were and most of us couldn't be sadder about it. Heading to Disney is magic and happiness but heading home to the cold bleak north well, that's another thing entirely. Thankfully while in Florida we had wonderfully warm weather with lots of sun and clear blue skies. The parks were pretty crowded but we got a ton done just the same, going pretty much nonstop from sun up to well past sun down. We are all tired and worn but wow such great memories were made! I'll be doing a recap of course! Lest you fret!

We left bright and early on a Saturday morning, well before the sun. Eight of us in a 15 passenger van all set for a ten hour drive, packed to the gills with such exotic things as boxes of wine and packs of diapers and pillows and stuffed animals. Prepped to the teeth we were, with a portable potty and a bag of snacks the size of Mount Kilimanjaro. My brother drove a lot of the way, with me taking a turn here or there. The kids watched movies (Sing, mainly, on repeat) and snacked the morning away. We stopped a few times for coffee and for lunch and may or may not have quoted Home Alone along the way... Does this thing have four wheel drive? Does it get good gas mileage?! And so on and so forth.

We arrived at Savannah in the mid to late afternoon hours and promptly turned heel for the city, as I've never been and I deemed this the trip it was to be so. We walked around Forsyth Park and the surrounding areas marveling at all the wrought iron and the Spanish moss... I could spend a few days just remarking about that moss let me tell you. The hip people and the old buildings... and all the green space every which way! We wandered (read: rushed) over to the water for our dinner reservations at a place called Lizzy's Tequila Bar & Grill. It was child friendly and hey we even got free fried green tomatoes so....

And did ya'll know that there is no open container laws in Savannah? The waitress offered me a margarita to go and I was like yes please I'll be moving here next week thanks! 
We headed back to our hotel immediately after dinner and crashed all in preparation for the last leg of our journey that would land us at Disney World! The icing on the cake!