our disney vacation, magic kingdom

While most people are recovering from a day of overindulgence we are just trucking along over here one wonderful Disney day at a time... up next was our first day at Magic Kingdom! And man was it crowded! We got there shortly after opening and already lines were quite long. We made our way over to Pirates of the Caribbean because it is Matt's most favorite ride of all times... The pirate's life for him eh? Most other things were too crowded so we got on the Under the Sea ride while we could...
Enchanted Tales with Belle was up next and this is just such a fun experience. The kids that want to interact can... see also Dom wanting nothing to do with anything of course.. But David got to play Chip, Letty was a plate and Mikayla was salt shaker. They hear a tale (as old as time) told about how the Beast and Belle fell in love... they interact a bit and then they all get their photo taken with our very favorite princess!

We decided that a 20 minute wait for It's a Small World wasn't too horrible so that is just what we did... Waiting... baking in the Floridian Sun... The kids really eat this ride up and hey! At the end they had my name on a screen and I query... how did they know I was on the ride!?! I did not scan my Magic Band? Things to ponder... We of course had to head to Tomorrowland and ride the Peoplemover and the Carousel of Progress because we are nothing if not nostalgic beings.

We had a Dumbo fastpass for after lunch.... all that walking and waiting and it's like oh what? 30 seconds long? After that we took the kids on the carousel because we had some time to kill and the kids seem to really love those horses... I had a moment where I almost called the day over when all three of my kids were crying simultaneously but let's move on from that shall we?
At this point the boys were shot so my dad and Matt took them back to the resort for a quick swim and a break before dinner while the rest of us hung around for our Cinderella and Elena fastpass. I really hated that Elena came with Cinderella only because of the fact my sweet niece Elena could not be there.... I asked the princess if we could record a video (my mother's idea) to send home to her and she of course obliged and it practically moved me to tears... what little lady wouldn't want a princess of the same name wishing her well and all that? Another thing of note is that when Cinderella asked Letty what kingdom she came from she responded with our street name so... Cute. But not right. I think Letty secretly enjoyed always being asked if Mikayla was her sister.... If only girlfriend. If only.
We had changed our dining reservations from a restaurant at the park no one was excited about to the Maya Grill at Coronado Springs which "most" of us were excited about. If I hear the word taco one more time though I may scream... We drove the big ole van over and had some pre-dinner margaritas which always helps right?
After dinner we all drove back to our resort and changed before heading back to Magic Kingdom. Some of us. Matt and the kids and my parents remained nice and toasty warm (and probably asleep) back at the Boardwalk while Ashley, Rob, Mikayla, Letty and I went to watch the fireworks. Letty and I got milkshakes with whip cream the size of her head while we waited for them to start... They really are magic there, those fireworks, all surrounding the castle and the lights and the music oh my!  I could just stand to watch them every single night if not for the crowds. We hung around on our little spot on the Tomorrowland bridge afterwards waiting for the crowds to dissipate before we made our way to the exit and thankfully got on the first bus we came across for our resort. It was a success... Even without the boys.

A lot of these photos are my sister-in-law's, obviously.