our disney vacation, epcot

Happy happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you stuff yourself full of good eats and get to spend the day being with those you want to be with! Feeling grateful thoughts and all that.

But on this blog I'm just pretending it was last week and we were headed to our favorite of parks, Epcot!  Because we could walk to this park and well we had a rough day the day before, we just decided to have a slow start to our day. I ran, of course, and then the kids worked on some homework. Exciting vacation-type things, right? We did eventually head over there, because wild horses couldn't keep me away. We went right to Spaceship Earth which is always a favorite of mine, so nostalgic! David hated it. Let's just say David hated all rides this trip okay? We got ourselves more coffee (I am the biggest fan of a venti being worth a snack on their dining plan!).... We all piled into the clams for Finding Nemo and some underwater sea life viewing!
We had fastpasses to meet up with Mickey, Goofy and Minnie then which based on last time's visit I would have thought Dom would love but he wasn't a fan! He only wanted to be held by his daddy But the big kids enjoyed, as did Mikayla, running right on up and big hugs all around!
We were all starved at this point and so we headed off for Mexico and Mexican food. This quickly became a theme of the week, eating this particular type of cuisine. Much to my chagrin. And as always when in Mexico one must go on the Gran Fiesta Tour which is probably Dom's favorite ride of all time. Ever. Me I like the margaritas available outside and the vibe inside...
And then let the game begin! Matt and I's most favorite of Disney endeavors, drinking around the world! You should really try it if you have not already... It's much more manageable when it isn't the Food and Wine Festival... Not that we would ever let that stop us... All those margaritas did give me a margarita baby though...

We had fastpasses for the new Frozen ride that is in Norway so we did that which was very exciting and yes, David hated that too. Then you guessed it more wandering around the world.... I saw on the app that the line to meet Anna and Elsa wasn't too bad so I took the girls to meet them while the group discussed changing some dining options around for the following day. The girls were so patient and even though they didn't say much they sure loved hearing all that the ladies had to say because wow were they chatty!

After we had our princess fill we kept walking around the World Showcase doing what we do... Until it was time to head to our dinner which was in Morocco.... There was a belly dancer. I was out of my element.

We all went back to the resort after dinner and got into warmer clothes for the adults and pjs for the kids. I had a fireworks plan in mind.... Except the only child of mine who saw it was Letty. The boys were asleep in the stroller before they even began. Ah yes, maybe next time? But Letty loved it.
 A lot of these photos are my sister-in-law's. Thanks be to her!