our disney vacation, the arrival

We left Savannah relatively early for a quick four and a half hour drive to our destination, Disney's Boardwalk Villas. I've always wanted to stay there, mainly for it's proximity to not one but two parks. The least amount of time I need to be on a bus the better and I sure don't mind a little walk. We were greeted almost instantly by Kerri, all ready for an afternoon of Olsen crazy. We unpacked a bit and then let the kids run off some steam down by the pool. No that clown isn't creepy at all. Totally normal, right? The kids big and small loved that slide though let me tell you. 
After an afternoon that went by too fast we had to head off to our first dining reservation on site at Trattoria al Forno. We had ourselves far too much Italian food and bread and desserts so I definitely needed to work off a little of that carb action at the hotel's gym, Muscles & Bustles. Fun name for sure. The night ended up calmly enough with Matt and I sitting on the balcony listening to the fireworks we were unable to see... Just enjoying the relative silence for the first time of the day...Prepping mentally for the morning...



  1. went by so fast :( at least we got the darn selfie haha. that clown was terrifying. still have nightmares about it lol. and of course i timed my visit so i could get maximum capacity with your fam. but of course :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. So fun!! Our plan was to spend Christmas at Disney this year, but you know, that is now postponed until next year. Whomp whomp whomp!!

  3. The Boardwalk Villas sound awesome! We stayed at Coronado Springs Resort and it was pretty nice. So cool that your friend Kerri was able to meet up. Your first day looks like it was pretty epic.


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