oh give me the alpacas!

I've heard about this open house for a few years running I just never brought it upon myself to go... We see these alpacas at pretty much every fair or farm show we go to... They get around, these little beasts. The open house is at their farm with scads of free activities.... two weekends in November, every year. It was a gorgeous sunny Saturday and my brother-in-law just really loves alpacas so we thought this is it! Let's do it.

And I instantly regretted it. The traffic! Oh the humanity! I sat in a line of cars on the road for twenty minutes just to go 0.4 miles. It was bananas. There were people everywhere. There were lines everywhere. We did do a few of the activities they had but honestly it was just too much. We fed them, we walked them, we petted them... and then we left.

You may notice that my middle child is missing from today's adventures and that is because he was made to stay home with his daddy as punishment for his practically daily fits on our excursions. Since the day was sort of a bust for Letty and Dom I took them to McDonald's for happy meals just to make it more exciting for them and hoping that David would really learn his lesson.... missing out on fun with mom is NOT FUN.
Anyways. This is an event I shall not be going to again... for sure.