letty vs siri 7.0

It's been awhile since Letty has gone up against the infamos Siri. We changed her voice to a British one so that really makes us all giggle a bit. Very refined in her discussions with dear Miss Letteria.

With of course another gorgeous photo my sister-in-law took of her because I can't get over them!
Letty: Siri can you please put on Ascendants (she means Descendants).
Siri: Who me?

Letty: Can you please do Ascendants on it’s like...
Siri: It’s not you it’s me
Letty: Ugggggh!!!

Letty: Siri what’s the weather like today?
Siri: It’s Saturday. November 4,2017
Letty: No. The. Weather!
Siri: Here’s the forecast for today.
Letty: Are you still in school Siri?Siri: Sorry Letty I don’t really know.
Letty: What’s my name Siri?Siri: You’re asking me, Letty?
Letty: Are you still in school?Siri: We were talking about you Letty, not me.
Letty: What’s your favorite sundecks (subjects) in school?Siri: I’m happy to go with your opinion on this one.Letty: So, are you gonna tell us?Siri: Very well thank you.Letty: That doesn’t even make sense!Siri: That may be beyond my abilities at the moment.
Letty: How are you Siri?Siri: I am well.
Letty: What’s the your favorite ride in Disney World?Siri: My preferences are constantly changing. Especially when you edit them in settings.
Letty: What’s the world like?Siri: The mass of the earth is about 5.97 times 10 to the 24th power kilograms.
Letty: What does the world LOOK like.Siri: Ok. I found this.
Letty: Siri can you show up me a map?Siri: Here is the map of your current location.
Letty: How old are you?Siri: I don’t see why that should matter.
Letty: Why did the pigs cross the road?Siri: Here’s what I found in the web for “why did the pigs cross the road.”
Letty: Tell me a joke.Siri: Let me think... Nope, can’t think of one.Letty: Why not?Siri: I don’t know.Letty: You just have to use silly words to make a joke.Siri: The past, present and future walk into a bar. It was tense.Letty: Can you do another joke please?Siri: I can’t. I always forget the punch line.
Letty: What is a punch line?
Siri: All right, here you go.

Past Siri conversations found here.



  1. lol the jokes are great. that siri. i alway turn her off bc frustration. ha. happy weekend! T-2 days

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. I’m playing catch-up today! I’ve taken some time off from the blog world (because…life), but I am glad to be back and reading again! I love the Letty vs Siri posts. And I am cracking up because 1.) Mason changed his to British as well and 2.) because Mason loves to argue with her for some reason! That picture of her is AMAZING!!!

  3. that crazy siri!! gotta keep her under control. i think the most she does is entertain children, honestly!! haha!! oh and that photo is GORGEOUS!!!! i’m totally not surprised though!!


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