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holiday home tour: the kitchen.


I feel like as you work your way around the first floor the level of Christmas just gets higher and higher. The kitchen is like: bam! Christmas! And I don't hate it. The cards on ribbons on the cabinet doors really do it for me. I didn't change much in this space from last year, minus the wall color of course! I do not miss the green that is for sure.



  1. haha i just cant imagine how many storage boxes you have of decor but you know what father? i dig it. love pine tree things

  2. Okay, the Christmas is nice and all, but the lighting is really what gets me :)

  3. chalkboard looking flaaawless! you are a chalk ARTIST!!!

  4. I don’t typically decorate the kitchen other than festive Christmas tea towels, but now I want to! Your kitchen looks fabulous! I especially love the wood box on the table and the tiered trays!


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