holiday home tour: the dining room.

The dining room is just past the playroom and unfortunately you cannot see the one with out the other, try as I may in these photos. This is one of my favorite rooms and it's really quite different from the rest of the house holiday decor wise. This room has practically all of my Hearth & Home purchases in it, which makes sense. I probably walked by that sheet music wall decor piece about thirty times till I decided I had to have it come home with me.



  1. oh so pretty! those little houses - my mom got those too. love. it really is a fun room bc it's got memories of old and plenty of new. a good mix :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. oooh the frame hanging off the chain? i got the smaller version of that, it says merry & bright. to be honest i just love the frame, i'm not really a seasonal decorator, so i was just going to take it out and put a picture in. haha. love that sleigh on top of the shelf with the wine glasses :) cute!

  3. i love the chip & jojo music frame right there!!! looks so pretty!!!

  4. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I love your nativity!


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