an olsen thanksgiving

I'm taking a bit of a break from all things Disney to catch up on some more holiday-centric posts today... I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and weekend and that you are all recovering nicely! We are in major recovery mode over here. I need a serious detox what with Disney plus also Thanksgiving. Yowza.... 

Anyways, the day after we got back from Disney we had Olsen Thanksgiving... minus a few VIP's, Aunt Sue and Matt's brother and his now wife.... I suppose getting married in Hawaii is way more fun than Olsen Thanksgiving. I'll allow it. We of course don't do the typical fare, usually sticking with Italian. The kids tear around the house and we eat and drink and just generally catch up and it's always a good time. I handed over my camera reigns to Letty for the majority of the evening and I'd say she did a pretty decent job of documenting! We even got all the cousins looking in the general direction of the camera which is a huge success!
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