an elizabethtown fall fest

November! Oh November! Already! Going on today in my house other than recovering from the sugar rush of last night is a whole lot of de-decorating. Removing all the fall stuff and cleaning everything really good before what is sure to be a day of decorating days tomorrow when the Christmas stuff comes out. I realize I'm too much for a whole lot of people but with a week away at Disney this month and how much work (fun work) it is to do, and it being my most favorite time of year and all, why not put it up right away and get the most out of it?

But before all of that stuff happened there was a day last weekend when we headed to the Elizabethtown Fall Fest for a  little morning of kid-friendly fall activities. They really have quite the set up over there! Rides and a haunted house (for a fee), tons and tons of games and crafts... I do mean tons! My kids could have literally been entertained all the day long making all that stuff but there are only so many fall themed child-made decorations I can handle inside the house ya know?
This event sure did get my brain working as far as Letty's class party that's this week!