an afternoon of carving pumpkins

The Annual Trovato Family Pumpkin Carving Day arrived once more this past weekend! We say this is the kid's carving day but really the only kid to actually truly carve was Letty. And maybe my nieces a little. Basically the parents did all the dirty work. My mom put out quite the spread for lunch, stuffed peppers and mac and cheese and hot dog mummies that Letty just loved! We ate and drank ourselves some adult apple cider before getting down to business. See also Harrison cuddles! Great success!
Poor Kayla Rae... It is hard being three. Truly is....

Past year's carving nights here, here, here and here!



  1. lol i'm dying over the last photo. it's tough indeed. your parents always go to the nines and i love it so much. those stuffed peppers have me drooling! can you tell i'm hungry ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. i love all the traditions your fam has. makes me so happy!!!


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