andiamo: November 2017

holiday home tour: the living room.


This is the final space in this little "home tour" and I am sure everyone is just beyond thrilled!  Our vacation is coming to a close and I don't even want to think about it and all that that entails... At least we come back to Thanksgiving week am I right? 

Christmas touches are in the kid's bedrooms and the basement of course... even the powder room got a little Christmas flair, but for the tour part this is it. The buck stops here. The living room is the big shebang, the big tree just jam packed full of ornaments and the kid's stockings hung by the chimney with care and all that. It is where we spend the majority of our time and most of the time I'm just staring lovingly at my tree. Matt expects this of me now. The biggest change in this room since last year is of course the color. I was also trying to neutralize an otherwise dark mantle a little this year.... I really don't know how many more years the snowbabies will make an appearance but for this year I'll allow it... 


holiday home tour: the kitchen.


I feel like as you work your way around the first floor the level of Christmas just gets higher and higher. The kitchen is like: bam! Christmas! And I don't hate it. The cards on ribbons on the cabinet doors really do it for me. I didn't change much in this space from last year, minus the wall color of course! I do not miss the green that is for sure.


holiday home tour: the dining room.


The dining room is just past the playroom and unfortunately you cannot see the one with out the other, try as I may in these photos. This is one of my favorite rooms and it's really quite different from the rest of the house holiday decor wise. This room has practically all of my Hearth & Home purchases in it, which makes sense. I probably walked by that sheet music wall decor piece about thirty times till I decided I had to have it come home with me.


holiday home tour: the playroom.


If you entered my foyer and turned to your left you would be greeted by the alarming sight of my kid's playroom. I do what I can to neutralize what is otherwise a riot of color but hey, it's a playroom! During the holiday months this room becomes the Santa room, one from each Christmas since we got married... There's also loads of Christmas books in here too that they kids love pawing their way through each November when I bring them out. This room had a little bit of a change from last year (naturally). The furniture was moved around a bit to accommodate the arrival of the kid's three homework desks... And then of course the enormous chalkboard that I love so much!


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