our disney vacation, epcot once more

Back to Disney. I know, but we are nearing the end of our journey and I'm sad about it. Reliving our vacation is giving me life right now. No, I'm not dramatic, you're dramatic.

Anyways you know my morning routine, I get up, I run, I take photos of a good sky... And then we head to the park. I think the rest of our party was running out of steam at this point because only the Olsen's were ready to hit the park at opening, which is totally fine, I get it. The five of us power walked over there and then I took the bigger kids on Test Track while Matt went in search of coffee... This is a ride David loved. The line at the Frozen ride wasn't too bad so we ran the kids over there quick before it got too bad. The line at Starbucks was crazy so I took the kids (that wanted to) to meet Baymax and we fist pumped and fa la la la la'd right out of there. The rest of the group had made it over there by this point... We went on Spaceship Earth, everyone minus Matt and David (because he is a poof). Dom turned our car into a Chinese speaking only zone so that was fun...
And it was time for Soarin! This most magical of rides! We had to split the group in two, so Rob stayed with Dom and Mikayla for the first run and then he and Ashley rode it again. David did not like this ride. Shocker. At one point he cried out that he wants to go back to Magic Kingdom! He cried a lot but ended up agreeing it was a pretty cool ride and no no thanks he did not want to ride it again. Then we did the Figment ride? It was okay. Something new for us anyways.
The group split up again at this point, with us Olsen's staying back to eat at the park while the rest went back and ate at the resort. We of course had to stop and get margaritas which you know also means a quick jaunt on the Gran Fiesta Tour... We ate in America because mama just wanted some chicken tenders... and of course it was more of the Letty and Matt hunting for the  most perfect snack time...That girl says slushie and Matt about jumps out of his chair to oblige... Sadly for her there was only ice cream to be found at this particular spot...Then we headed back to the resort to meet up with the rest of the family at the pool...
Pop swam! This is a most unusual event and has not been seen in too many unknown years. Matt and my dad played with the kids in the water for quite some time... throwing the kids this way and that.
We left the pool to do a little packing/organizing before heading back to Epcot for our final meal of the trip. Does anyone else do that? The final day... The final meal... The final night? Well that is me in spades. Trying to fight tears the entire time. I'm such a ball of fun I can't handle it. We had dinner at the La Hacienda de San Angel which was ding ding ding! You guessed it! Mexican. Again. I got the steak. Again. Don't you say taco. Don't you dare! I had great plans of walking over to Hollywood Studios for their fireworks show but our dinner ran so long that sadly... it wasn't gonna happen.
Everybody left to go back to the hotel but once more those Olsens... we just can't help ourselves. That whole "final night" business and all. We walked towards the front of the park and then rode Nemo again because it was there... All the while debating keeping the kids up late for the fireworks or calling it a night. We wandered, a lot... But ended up deciding that they were all shot and we should head back and put them to bed, much to my inescapable sadness. Letty didn't help, crying the entire walk home because she didn't want to leave Disney which I totally get and I am fairly certain I have done quite countless times in my life too...
They were in bed by 9, totally passed out. So I guess skipping the fireworks was the responsible parental thing to do.


our thanksgiving break

We had our Disney vacation of course and then after only a day and a half of school the kids were then on break for the holiday. Talk about great timing! Oh how I didn't want to go back to a schedule and packed lunches yet! Our break was chock full of good things as I am sure you can imagine! And lest you fret, I'm here to tell you all about it for you fascinated souls...

We got the kids right off the bus on Tuesday and headed to Pizza Hut to use David's Book It coupon... We probably will just start doing take out though from now on because like Matt and I need an excuse to eat pizza right?
We let Letty stay up pretty late with us watching Christmas movies a lot this break... Just because we could. That girl will do just about anything for a late night and some popcorn with mom and dad. Wednesday we met up with some friends to go see a movie and then have lunch. We watched the Ninjago movie which whatever I have no idea but the boys liked it and the girls had popcorn. Dom did great seeing as it was his first movie, making not a peep and wandering down the aisle only a little. I'd call it a success.. And then: Happy Meals!
Thursday was of course Thanskgiving which we all already know about... Friday morning we hosted the whole group for a breakfast of champions and my hair still smells like bacon....I really loathe the smell of bacon! Friday night we had my family over for Chinese and we watched Christmas Vacation in the basement, being sure do to lots of "beep!" over all the adult words.... More than I thought, that's for sure.
Saturday started off with field hockey first thing and then two birthday parties! Let's just pack the day right on up shall we?! Letty has taken to practicing in the house with a tennis ball which I'll allow just because I'm so happy to see her love something! The first party was for a friend of David's that I didn't even know he had but turns out he does.... he's like the mayor. Knows everyone's first and last names and see also sibling names. The second party we all went too and that one was for a set of twins whose parent's we know since college days. Saturday night I didn't move off the couch.
Sunday we had pizza at my parent's before heading up to Hersheypark's Candylane... more on that later as I'm sure you can imagine. See also, cold.
Monday was our final day off and I just wanted to do all the festive things. Write letters to Santa, make reindeer food... and bake the first batch of Christmas cookies (which I partially burned, schade). I am nothing if not thorough.
I was definitely sad to see the kids get back on the bus on Tuesday! Not that these school days bring me any break... because they certainly don't! But I love having them home with me... which I mean if you've been around here any length of time you know already.... So how was your Thanksgiving break? I know a lot of parents were pleased as punch to put their kids on the bus and that's just fine too!


our thanksgiving day

The day of the actual holiday we always gather at my parent's house, with relatives driving in from New York for the day as well. We eat a lot of food as one does on Thanksgiving, my particular favorite being the anti-pasta, heavy on the cold cut bread. We made a fun festive beverage this year too, entitled Thanksgiving Jungle Juice. My cousins spent countless hours occupying my kids and it was a welcome little break for me... My nephew Harrison was pretty much the highlight of the day, being passed around from person to person bringing smiles wherever he goes. Years ago my parents finished their basement so that we would have a place to go that had enough room for all of us... but this was the first year where we were mingling on two floors. Maybe it's the kids getting older or maybe its the fact we can watch them on my dad's camera... but it was nice to be hanging out in the rest of the  house like normal humans too.

Cornelius came too as he does after dinner, this year bearing new Christmas pajamas and his storybook. Look how cute all those cousins are in their white pjs! We just need to squish Mikayla Rae right into the lot of them. And I can't wait to do that!

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