things making me happy right now...

1//The photos my sister-in-law took the other night! I just love them so very much! I can't wait to update the gallery wall with some!! How to narrow it down though? 2//It's Friday! I get to throw the kid's lunch boxes into their assigned cabinet this afternoon and not pack their lunch for tomorrow! It's one of my favorite Friday perks! 3// We only have two more weeks of school till vacation, as if you didn't know that's on my brain as of late... Two weeks and then: Disney! 4// Tomorrow is our anniversary! Eleven years. We will be heading out for a little late lunch while my parents watch the kids. A rare break from the kids for us two! 5// Carving pumpkins with the kids and cousins this weekend. I'm sure it'll be a complete mess but at least there will be wine! 6// Christmas decorating is so so so very close! I have been listening to Christmas music all week and dreaming of decorating the house... I brush your judgement off easily, it is my favorite time of year! Start the fun early I always say! 7// Another Outlander episode! I completely respect people who just wait till a show is done and then binge watch it because this week to week business is killing me! I'm just so glad they are back together! Gah! 8// Turning off my alarm for the weekend. 5:15 is early for this mama folks. Sleeping in till even 6:30 is like a dream. Literally. 9// Having all my babies with me all weekend! 10// Coffee. Always and forever.

Happy happy Friday all! Soak up that weekend, ya hear?