the millersville homecoming parade

Now this is a first for us, and I'm not sure how that is a thing, but there you have it. My sister-in-law told us all about this parade and now that they live down in Millersville it was a no brainer to park at their house and walk our brood over for three hours of parading and candy. We got there early to get a spot and Ash and I headed to a cafe to grab coffee while we waited for the parade to begin. When we returned our group had moved.... In front of what was obviously campus housing. Maybe a frat house? But definitely a building containing a bunch of drunk college kids. Some sitting on the porch roof smoking cigarettes and climbing through windows and the like. They were actually totally fine, changing their music if the lyrics got to be too much, sharing candy with the kids, etc. We actually really enjoyed sharing the parade with them. They were very entertaining and reminded us all of those lovely college days of the past....

But the parade! Three hours of fire trucks and bands and hey! Storm Troopers! The kids loved their life and clapped and cheered and collected goodies. I got myself a whole lot of Harrison cuddles and accepted all sorts of praises from all sorts of people. Why yes, this is my child and yes, he is a month old and yes, isn't he just adorable?! I'll take it when I can get it is what I'm saying.... This will definitely become a tradition for the fall I am sure of it.