the great carving pumpkin selection!

First of all! First official Trovato cousin shot since Harrison's arrival! Yay!
It wouldn't be fall in our family without a pumpkin picking adventure! It's changed over the years... we have lost some participants and gained others, we have had hot weather and cold weather and hay rides with or without hay... but we go. It's just what we do.

This year we went to Oregon Dairy once more. They have a free hay ride, pumpkins scattered about in a field ripe for the picking, plus other fun activities. We decided against painting another pumpkin because how many times must one do that in a season? I think twice is enough. The kids chose some more manageable sized pumpkins for their carving coming up this weekend and after Nonna paid (thank you Nonna!) we headed back so the kids could play around a bit.
My brother's new puppy Kylo was causing quite the stir! You give that man a puppy and he brings all  the girls to the yard. Just imagine him with his newborn and toddler too!? Anyways that gave us all a good snicker. The kids bounced and they climbed and they ran and got themselves ridiculously covered in hay before we all decided it was getting a bit too hot for this madness. And then Matt got the grand idea to get them ice cream. Way to go Matt.
Last year's pumpkin picking here..... and 2015, 2014, 2013...