the farm show is in town!

To those not from my hometown I imagine the Farm Show to be a bit... lacking, perhaps? It isn't very large of course... There are food stands we have all grown to know and love through the years, different farm animals throughout a few barns back behind the high school, and of course running into everyone and their mother while walking around. Some things have changed since I was in school, the lack of rides now or the dwindling number of tractors... But one thing that hasn't changed is that we go. And we go several times. Matt tries to get out of it most years (rounds of "we just can't go anywhere without running into someone you know") and this year he succeeded entirely. 

The first visit was when all the kids were off school last Tuesday with my mom, sister, Lena and that adorable ball of cuddles Harrison. It was hot and totally not Farm Show weather but we went early and visited the animals before bribes of milkshakes were heard all around!
The second visit was on last Thursday's cold and dreary day, definitely not dressed for that might I add! Dom and I went with Ash and Mikayla and Beth and her two (!) kids. We went for the food that was immediately followed by a super quick jaunt through the animal barns. I'm pretty sure we will all be suffering from PTSD after witnesses some of the pigs trying to escape. Get our babies out of that barn! Stat!
But don't you worry! The Farm Show isn't done yet on this here blog! There were field trips!!