so what's new with you?

Another month gone by! And such a good month we are in now! October is the best as far as months go... And hey it's kicking off the best three months of the year! Hip hip hooray!
First of all, school update! The kids are doing great and they love it. They just are super tired by the end of the day and it gets worse as the week progresses. So far all good things though! They are making friends and they love their teachers. I couldn't ask for more really.

Speaking of school you are looking at Letty's Room Mom! Yeah, it's a thing. One I had never heard of until last year. I got asked if I would be willing to do it and even though I have no idea what it's all about really I said yes. I'm a yes person what can I say. I do hear that my organizational skills will come in handy so. We will see.

The #puberMe thread on Twitter is all about relief for Puerto Rico of course and obviously that is what is most important about it, but it's also celebrities sharing a photo of themselves in the midst of the throws of, you guessed it, puberty. Some are quite awkward (and funny) and hey, at least none of us are alone in this rite of passage right?

I have been trying to keep my days with the kids away as full as possible. Play dates with other moms of small boys... coffee dates... lunch dates... beer dates... you name it! I'm just happy that I have some ladies who are willing to keep me occupied! It's an illness, what I have, I know it.

I'm sure you have probably already seen this but I find it most funny...Claire and Jamie go to Couples Therapy. Every time I watch it I get a good giggle. The Randall refusal, Lord, you gave me a rare woman and especially the whole *wink* Sassenach... If you like Outlander at all you must watch. I just am dying for their reunion on the show! I know it's closer every week but come on already! Give us something.

Speaking of me being a yes person I also said yes to being the point person for the first grade at our church's Wednesday night clubs. Look at me, getting all involved. I am just a fan of being able to spy on my kids when they are away from me. This year David will get to join up with clubs too so I figure I can peak my head in on him and spy as well. All the spying!

We recently moved Dom into a big boy bed from his crib and with that came some maneuvering with his room. He has the tiniest of the bedrooms (third child problems) so I had to go through his closet and come to terms with the fact my baby wearing days are done and it is foolish to hold on to carriers and my wrap and so forth. I'm trying to sell it on Facebook's Marketplace but having no luck. It pains me even listing it! Anyone else hold on to things for a ridiculously long time?

And as always some new to me Instagram accounts I've recently found: Maddie, Candice and Courtney! Always up for gorgeous new accounts to follow!

So what about you? What's new with you?

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  1. I've heard of Room Moms! I hope you enjoy it. And that's great your kids are enjoying school, though hopefully they won't be so tired soon. It's an adjustment! :)


  2. I just went through the girls' closet and felt the same way. Baby carriers, newborn onesies.....I was like, it's time. But that chapter is most definitely closed for us now, so I said buh bye clutter!

  3. I love the #puberMe movement. Great cause, often hilarious photos.

  4. Thanks for sharing that clip of Jamie and Claire. I adore them and that show.

  5. That hashtag has some GOLDEN pictures in there...thanks for the laughs

  6. ok i can't watch videos on my computer at work so i am literally going to go watch that outlander video on my phone in the stairwell or something because i HAVE to watch it. i don't know what a room mom is but i'm sure you'll do fabulously!

  7. you're a room mom, you're so cool!! and gah i could watch the couples therapy a million times!!!!

  8. oh room mom - look at you :) hehe. and i love the puberme stuff - so funny and for a good cause so i'm all for it.

    xoxo cheshire kat


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