our weekend has me all like...

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Anyways.... I haven't done an ole weekend recap in awhile now... These weekends give me a mix of feelings somewhere along the lines of oh all my chicks are home with me in my nest and we should get out and just make the most of these two days together! and oh, my chicks are home with me in my nest and they are exhausted from the long week at school and we should just relax and stay at home cuddling on the couch and watching tv.

So I figure we ended up somewhere in the middle.

Friday nights are reserved for Fitzs (our old neighbors and bff's) if at all possible. Matt made tacos and the kids played like mad.... of course making a mountain of all of my throw pillows. I do have quite a lot. We don't get to see them as often as we used to so it's always a wonderful night when they are involved!
Saturday morning was a slow at home type morning, sleeping in and just relaxing. The kids did their homework and Matt worked on starting to close the pool... sniff. After lunch we took the kids to a local rail trail where they could ride their bikes without threat of being hit by a car... It was such a cool crisp day and we were really feeling the fall vibes since we had such a hot September!
We had some other friends over for dinner Saturday night... David's little lady friend from pre-k and her family (who we just happen to love so, winner winner!). Matt made chicken parm and she brought us the very best brownie cookie ice cream dessert wonder... Having a friend who also owns an ice cream shop? Amazing. See also kids that get along and play just so very well!
I went to bed shortly after nine and woke up shortly after 8 a.m. sooooo pretty much the most amazing night's sleep since 2008. We had a family brunch at my parent's house that morning which is pretty much our weekly routine... It was such a gorgeous day that I really wanted the kids to get outside and so after brunch we did just that... more to come later of course.
After we got home Matt kept on working on closing up that pool and the kids got tubbies and finished up homework and lunches were packed... clothes picked out for tomorrow... You know the Sunday blues drill....
Right before bed time my parents surprised them all with brand new orange twinkle lights for their rooms! Rounds of thank you's and "spoooky" were had before we tucked them into their tangerine tinted beds for the night. Thank you Nonna and Poppop!
See also Dom's last night in his crib! And then there was Outlander. Sigh. These weekends could use at a minimum an extra day right? They just go too fast!

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