our final day at the beach

We had all sorts of grand plans for our final day at the beach. Do we stay another night and leave super early Tuesday morning? Do we leave so we are home by bed time on Monday? Do we leave after dinner and have the kids sleep in the van? Alas it was all for naught because Mother Nature decided to bring strong winds. Winds strong enough to hinder any sort of boating or beaching. We had a relaxing morning though, just hanging out at the house, the kids playing games with Aunt Sue and watching all sorts of cartoons. 

We eventually left to check out the beach conditions only to be met with stinging sand. Schade. The kids tore around just the same but we all could only handle those conditions for so long. So with a heavy heart we bade our farewells to the Atlantic for the year and headed back to the house to pack up and head home. This way the kids would have a full night's rest before school starting again on Wednesday.  I suppose it was the responsible thing to do...
Thank you so much Uncle Glenn and Aunt Sue for being such amazing hosts and for opening up your beach house to us crazy Olsens! We love you so and had such a nice visit!