my mikayla rae turns three!

This past weekend we all gathered together to celebrate the third birthday of my very special niece Mikayla. Mikayla Raaaaaaae as I refer to her. She's a toughie and I just love that about her so much! She is full of sass and attitude and girlfriend can pose. I feel her, is what I'm saying. She may put out a front but I've got her number and she doesn't stop me from forcing my love on her. That is for sure. She'll love me back someday I just know it. In the mean time her and Letty get along like a house on fire sooooo what does that all mean?

So the party! I  just love how parties for these kids are family only and it's still a house full! Just makes me so happy. The bigger the better! The kids played on the new play set and we had pizza and cake and presents! Of course I made the birthday girl get a photo with each of her guests because that is just how I roll. Aunt Laurie taking control of a situation... Wanted or not. I just love all the photos that Ash had sprinkled around of Mikayla! Ah to have a photographer as a mom.
Mikayla's second birthday and her first. Sniff!