dom's bedroom got a facelift!

Everyone has their own ideas of when it's the right time to move a kid from a crib into a big boy bed... this is just ours. Normally our kids are around two/two and a half when we make this transition. Letty was just two when she got her big bed... We like to do this before we potty train because I feel like well if they can't get out of bed to go pee at night what is the use here? So we get the kids used to the big kid bed and then we potty train. Here's hoping. We have been dragging our feet with Dom because he's not such an easy kid and we were afraid he would never sleep again. Drama queen that I am. But a few weeks ago he tried to climb out and well, we can't have him hurting himself.

Enter in the big boy bed.

His bedroom is like the size of a handkerchief. It needed some help. You can see what his room looked like originally here. That makes me all nostalgic.... And then when we moved his crib around some here...

So. I emptied his closet of all non-essentials and Matt moved the bottom shelf up as to allow Dominic's dresser to fit under it to clear up some valuable floor space in that room. That done, the bed was ordered! We had a great many discussions about the bedding. What kind of sheets did Dom want? He was settled on dinosaurs for quite awhile but one day deemed it to be a Star Wars bed (at the time he had not yet seen Star Wars). We let him marinate in it a few days.... I took him to Target to see if he would change his mind when he saw other sheet sets but no! Star Wars it was! And bonus? The comforter was on clearance for $11!!! Online it was $40! Imagine my surprise! So I jumped on that.

The bed arrived in several shipments and was finally put together and then shoved in to the corner so he would have as much play space as possible. I spent a few hours perusing Pinterest for free Star Wars printables and threw them into the frames, removed the owls and wala! Star Wars room! And how about those masks I scored from the Target dollar spot? Apparently Halloween time is a great time to try and decorate a boy's room with a Star Wars theme... I plan on getting a few more things for the shelves, a small black globe and maybe some kind of rocket/space related things? We will see. Matt had to order a part in order to attach the foot-board to the bed but that should be happening soon...
And of course we had to do a big reveal with the big boy! Major bonus? This kid stayed in his bed all night long! He went right to bed and slept in in the morning and hey! He even went back up and laid down again after breakfast! It's been a better experience that I could have ever imagined, this transition. Yay!
On a similar note but totally different kid, here is where David got his big boy bed... Ah memories... Sniff!