disney memories!

I was just perusing old blog posts about Disney the other day in preparation for our soon to be happening Disney vacation and my goodness! So many good memories! I can't wait to add to our arsenal of happy Disney memories! So, just for fun...
Dom's first visit to Disney World and when we finally got to meet Anna and Elsa!
The time that I got on the wrong bus and a kind Disney employee made me cry. See also, David crushing hard on Princess Aurora...
Our final viewing of the Festival of Lights!
When Merida wished Letty's best friend a happy birthday and we also got to see how they film the Christmas Parade!
Matt's first exposure to a basil chili margarita at La Hacienda, now a family favorite dining spot.
Letty got to watch the Beauty and the Beast stage show, always a favorite show that B&B.
David running up and hugging any and all characters regardless of diaper situation...
And of course other things that happened at Disney before the blog existed (monstrous times, that)....

Drinking around the world at Epcot!
Some of us ran the Jingle Jungle 5k!
 David's first visit to Disney World at the ripe old age of three months!

Aunt Ashley dancing with Baby D!
Letty meeting Tink and not being sure how to feel about meeting your idol!
Letty's first visit to Disney World at 14 months and the first ride we put her on was Pirates, of course!

 Showing Letty our most favorite of all parks, Epcot!
 T was there, but Rob was not! Weird.
 And of course running in to this chick whenever we can....
And what else?? Oh my goodness! All of it! Every second! More exclamation points needed! Fireworks and every single character meet and greet imaginable. The pool! The sun! The palm trees! The food! All the rides! The road trip down! The sheer amount of laughter my brother is going to create once he gets going. The nostalgia! The hotel! The morning runs! All of that is nothing to just spending time with my family and making so many fond memories that clearly we will cherish for years and years to come!!! We will sure miss those of the family that can't make it.... I'll self medicate myself don't you fret.... sniff.