On the chalkboard: I haven't updated it to reflect anything Halloween-like and that is very unlike me so I'll be sure to get around to that one of these days where I do not much but pace the house... For now it's a standard fall-like fare...
Reading: I'm almost done with this one. Working on my Savannah prep for November when I'll be sure to get myself there even if just for a single meal and a drive through.
Watching with Matt: We are so late to the whole Game of Thrones things and I know, I know. We tried the first season a few years ago and were just like "meh" about it. I really really really hate seeing violence against women (although for some reason I can stomach when it happens to a man? Discuss...) so since GOT is full of that we just quit the series. But people kept talking about it and for lack of any other intriguing options we gave it another go. We are currently in season five. I know soon enough I'll definitely skip a certain episode containing something called Sansa's Wedding. Yeah, no.
Eating: I'm such a conundrum lately with eating. I am really trying to get back to where we were in the spring, eating little to no carbs and sticking with more protein and veggies and the good way that made both of  us feel but then I'm like: ice cream. So I'm a work in progress. See also: cheese and ranch.
Drinking: This is not an ad for International Delight. No. I am a black coffee drinker and have been forever but when I first tasted this Pumpkin Pie Spice creamer I became a September-November creamer convert. And it has to be this brand too. My brother first introduced me to it. There's a long tale of Matt bringing the wrong creamer into the house and the travesty of such an act. Alas, a good grocery run never goes unpunished. And then! I went to our local coffee shop to get take out one afternoon and saw this pumpkin batch coffee sitting there and I knew I had to have that as well. Add to the fact I am exhausted by 7:30 a.m. my coffee intake is becoming quite the thing! Many many cups a day!
Planning: Disney! Disney! Disney! We are about a month and a half out and we just couldn't be more excited! Fast Passes are booked. Dining reservations are made. School educational release forms signed and approved! It's our favorite place on earth! Letty got some lovely Magic Band flare from her Uncle Dan and Aunt Heidi because a girl needs her flare! Now we just impatiently await their arrival.
Thinking about: How I cut six inches off my hair and no one really noticed? What does that all mean? That I secretly should have been a hairdresser because my skills are so smooth? That my hair was just getting soooo ridiculously long that six inches appeared as nothing more than a trim? Probably the latter. And also thinking about buying this shirt in every single color because it is so comfy and soft and did I mention comfy?
Watching on the treadmill: I'm working my way slowly but surely through this series. I'm towards the end of season three and was quite pleased when my very own Stefan Salvatore appeared on screen! Loving that little crossover there. But let me ask you, will there ever be a time that this family will not be in mortal danger? No, I think not. Any other Netflix suggestions that would help keep me occupied during my 5 am runs I am all eyes...
As I type this: We were on our way back from an ice cream run (I'm sorry but when they have apple crisp ice cream you go) when this little wonder fell asleep in his car seat. He slept through the transfer so we just let him go for a bit until his siblings got off the bus and ruined his peaceful slumber...
On the letterboard: Well it is officially October and all of that jazz so it was time. Now to only update the chalkboard wall...
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  1. have you watched the show bitten? i haven't, but netflix is always recommending it to me so i am curious. ha. i haven't read midnight in the garden of good and evil, but i watched the movie years ago (didn't know it was a book at the time) because i went through a bit of a john cusack obsession. omgosh disney!! how excitement. i cut my hair like drastically short compared to what it was and no-one at work noticed. until like 5 weeks later. i am with you on game of thrones. i watched it, gave up, watched it, gave up again. i'm sure i'll rewatch it one day but eh. the violence bothered me a bit for sure.

  2. LOVE THAT CREAMER. I know it's bad for me. It's just so good.

  3. mmm pumpkin creamer. i feel like i should get some as a treat. why not right? i have restarted game of thrones and i'm so glad bc i'm seeing things again like for the first time. it's lovely. and midnight book - YES. also we should plan disney bc well, i could take off work and hang? i dunno. spitballing. also bc i need to see you is all. :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. ahh your hair looks amazing!!!!! i need to do the same but my hairdresser forgets to text me back. haha!!!!


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