conewago falls

We were sitting at my parent's this past Sunday afternoon thinking how lovely the weather was and like gee what can we do with our kids today? Matt also happened to be scanning our local news at that very moment and stumbled upon this article about the area surround the Conewago Falls and the water receding and so forth and the cool rocks that could be seen and so we ran home to get proper footwear and then headed on over to see for ourselves!

We weren't the only ones, that is for sure. We had a little bit of an issue locating the actual trail but I figure by the end of the day that won't be an issue anymore. The kids had a blast just climbing over rocks and jumping off rocks and throwing rocks and I was having flashbacks to my very favorite coast of Maine activity, low tide rock climbing.

We also got a whole lot of thank you  mom and dads from the kids so I mean is there anything else? No. The answer is there is not.