a last minute beach weekend!

The kids had a four day weekend, this weekend past. And I thought oh wouldn't it be nice to go somewhere with all that free time? Matt didn't have off of course but still I had the thought... Then as fortuitous circumstances would have it Matt's aunt called and asked if we happened to be free the coming weekend and oddly enough we were! Never happens. Matt was able to get off work on Monday and so we left my niece's party and immediately headed our van down south, arriving down there shortly after 11 p.m. After carrying the boys off to bed the rest of us, Letty included, sat on the deck by the fire catching up before heading to bed ourselves. 

Sunday brought Matt's birthday and my traditional bagel run. A literal run down to get bagels. I left before the sunrise and immediately decided I had to get to the beach to see it rise. Let me tell you I haven't gotten that fast of a time on a mile since seventh grade. But I made it. What a great sunrise it was! I watched it for a bit, recovering from my sprint, before heading back down to the bagel place.
We got ourselves situated and out on the boat as soon as possible. We missed the boat entirely (see what I did there?) on our summer visit so we were very excited! Uncle Glenn took us down to Assateague where there are known to be wild horses. We pulled up and ate our lunch and the kids made a game of jumping ship. We did not see those horses unfortunately. But we did get our fair share of prickers and ouch! I did not see that coming. On the way back to their house David even got to take over as captain for a bit!

We headed down to the beach then once we restocked provisions. It was the perfect temp and the kids worked on their boogie boarding skills!
Uncle Glenn and Aunt Sue treated us to Chinese for dinner and then of course we just had to sing the birthday song to the birthday boy! They had requested I make my sister's beloved and famous apple crumb pie so I did that and yum! I do love that thing. The kids were so exhausted from all their sand adventures they all went to bed like a dream. Which is a rarity when one is on vacation is it not?
Such a great day! It's like we got an entire weekend's worth of activity into one day!