a farm show field trip!

This post should have been titled farm show field trips! As in plural. But sadly the weather and the general plan to make the first graders walk a mile (or so) to the farm show made it not be so. So only David got the honor of a field trip. Letty's was cancelled last minute much to the first grader's disappointment... And I was so looking forward to getting to know some of her classmates better! 

Okay but David's. We are just pleased as punch that he got Letty's teacher from last year! As I have said before and I am sure I will say again! It's been sort of surreal repeating some of the same events with her and oh wait no it's not Letty it's David I'm here to be with! I'd have this teacher every year if I had my way. Anyways, so. If we remember last year's Farm Show field trip with my lovely David I highly doubted my decision to help in the first place. But obviously I kept going to things with David last year and it all worked out in the end. This field trip was just fine too! 

I was put in charge of four little souls, getting them on the bus and off the bus and then going through the scavenger hunt with them as well. We finished it super quickly and had a lot of time for such fun things as snack, a bathroom run, let's all choose our favorite color leaf, a few water fountain visits and also eye spy! Lots of that. I'm so excited to get to know all these kiddos during the coming year and to see who David becomes friends with! They seem like such a good bunch overall!
Just for nostalgic purposes I checked out Letty's field trip there last year and my goodness! Seeing those sweet faces and how they have changed in a year! And those little ladies who I didn't know at all and are now some of her closest friends? Time! You! I need to have a word with you!