a fall family photo shoot

Every year I ask my sister-in-law to take some updated pictures of our family and every year she oh so graciously agrees. And not just agree but really puts in serious effort for us and we appreciate and love her so! She recommended we head to the Farmingdale Trail for any of you local folks at the "magic hour," just as the sun is setting. And she is right about that light, it is magic. 

Do not let Ashley's miracle work fool you... for my children were uncooperative little (dare I say beasts?) things. The boys anyway. Dom wouldn't look or wouldn't join the rest of us... David kept turning around or putting his hands up or pouting... Matt and I tried all manner of bribery and threats and promises... there was lots of harsh words through smiles happening as well... but you would never know it would you?

It's so hard to choose and she literally gave me hundreds to pick from so here are just a few (ha!) of our favorites...
Thanks so much Ashley! I will cherish these forever and ever!



  1. these may be my fav photos yet. you clearly wouldn't know that your spawn were being tiny terrorists that day haha. all worth it. great location!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. These are so stunning! And girrrrrl you look AMAZINGGGGG

  3. i mean, these are FLAWLESS!!!! they are so good. and oh kids are kids, always, right!!!! i love the ones of you and matt, too... perfect for 11!!!!! and i’m all about the tush grab/smack myself, i would prob be caught in a similar photo!!! haha!!!!

  4. bahahaha that butt grab! nice. you look fantastic! sorry the kids were beasts, you totally can't tell!


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