a diy farmhouse sign

This diy is such an easy way to spruce up a space and add a little "farmhousey" vibe. I've seen these types of signs say all sorts of things: antiques, bakery, farmhouse, gather, friends, welcome, etc. The possibilities are endless. You can do a white background or a black background; I have seen and love both options.
Wood cut to the size of your desired sign
White paint
Black paint
Stain touch-up
Picture hanger (I'm sure this isn't the technical term so I included a photo below)

I typically lay a big trash bag out over my island to protect my space. This way I can always keep an eye on the kids while I'm doing these things. My handy Matty has already cut and sanded my wood for me. Aren't I the luckiest?
I start by painting the front of the sign white and of course letting that dry. After it's dry I paint all the edges black.  I don't know about you but I do not have a steady hand so my edges are far from perfect, as you can see below...
While that is drying I use the chalk to outline my lettering. I've said this before but I'll say it again, it helps me to look at them as lines instead of letters. It makes it all so much easier that way. The chalk is helpful too because if it doesn't look right it's only chalk! Once I'm happy with my lettering I'll fill them in with black paint.
Once the sign is good and dry I use a wet paper towel to clean off any remaining visible chalk. Then I start sanding, which is my favorite part! I focus on the corners at first, places that would distress naturally is my goal. Then I sand on a diagonal over the entire sign until I get the look I'm going for. Worn is good! Imperfections are good! And don't forget the sides of the sign too. I love the way the black looks after a quick sand.
If I still feel like the white is too "white" I'll use my stain touch up and lightly cover the sign with that rubbing away as I go. It doesn't make a huge difference for this sign because I wiped it away so quickly but I just wanted it to look less "bright" and white. If that makes sense. I use this trick on a lot of things that I spray paint and can't sand to distress.
Then I have my Handy Matty come and add my little sign hanger thing.... The back of this sign does not look pretty!
And done!

You could use the transfer method that I described here to get your saying onto the sign but I just end up free-handing it. I think that the mistakes make it more homey and I personally like the imperfections! Like that 'S' up there? It's all "catty wompus" to quote my husband but ah well, I'm not perfect! It cost me nothing and it adds a whole lot of something. Now. To find a spot to put a sign with a black background.... The wheels are turning.

What do you guys think?