a day in the life...

I know I just did one of these over the summer but I wanted to document a pretty typical day now that school is in session. I'm sure it will change tenfold during the year but for now, on a Wednesday in early October, this is what it is.

5:15am: Up and to the grind bright and early with my run. I watch The Orignals and will myself to not fall off the treadmill. When I’m done working out Dom is up crying for the loss of his Lego Star Wars man while Matt searches the house for it. Normally I’d hop in the shower quick but because I have a meeting tonight I’ll double up my cardio in the morning instead. I strip our bed and start the laundry and then finish up the kid’s lunches with ice packs and the like, prepping their backpacks by the front door.
6:15 am: It’s time to wake the big kids up! I just silently hand Letty her iPad with the timer on, giving her a few minutes where she can center herself before joining the land of the living. This, we have found, really helps her from being real nasty first thing. David needs to be literally dragged out of bed to refrains of but I’m so tired!! I send him downstairs and strip whatever beds are left. I then go help Matt in the kitchen getting the kids dressed/fed/medicated/shoes on etc. I have my coffee as well. Then I drag them all back upstairs for the hair and teeth routine. While they relax a few spare minutes I make up their beds with fresh sheets. New bed night is my favorite.
7:15 am: At 7 ish we head down to the bus stop. Dom refuses to walk and refuses my assistance, only daddy. We do about a hundred hand kisses and hugs all around while waiting for the bus. Letty informs me that we are glued together so we don’t have to separate and how I wish that were the case! We wave the bus off and head back home, with me checking on the bus as it stops up the street. Worst part of my day. Normally I would be pacing around the house or whatever today but like I said I have a meeting tonight so I head down to the elliptical and read during that. I just started The Forgotten Garden and so far so good! Dom doesn’t want to play in the basement so he’s up bothering Matt or playing in the playroom.
8:15 am: After I’m done with the elliptical I fold the load of laundry from the night before, which I then put away. While I’m in the kids dressers and such I get out their pjs for tonight and their clothes for tomorrow. I water my mums and decide to finally shower. It’s hair washing day which is very exciting! I decide to dust then. Dom putters around doing things boys do.
9:15 am: After I dust I vacuum the first floor, I’ll save the second floor till after all the beds are made. Because who else loves untainted vacuum lines!? I make our bed up and only Dom’s is left. I am meeting a friend at a park for a picnic lunch so I make that up right quick. Always packing lunches I feel like! Dom has found a new show he loves called Voltron? Netflix for the win! He did take a break to follow me around while I vacuumed with a broom.
10:15 am: Dom and I head out for a walk around our development and for the first time I actually track to see the distance.  1.4 miles in case you were wondering. When we get home the laundry is done so I fold the spare sheets and make Dom’s bed. Then I finish vacuuming the second floor before throwing the ice pouches into our lunch and heading out to meet my friend.
11:15 am: We get to the park and Dom busies himself climbing over all sort of a dangerous things. It starts to get a little crowded which I never enjoy. Molly and her son Jackson (Matt's godson... Such a sweetie!) arrive as well. We catch up on life and eat our lunches and push the boys on the swings a bit before heading over to Chocolate World.
12:15 am: Molly hasn’t been there in forever and it’s a first for Jackson which means a lot to take in all around! Dom waves to all the characters and proudly leads the way! There was some sort of car show there so the parking lot was packed. Definitely not a normal jaunt at Chocolate World to be sure.
1:15 pm: I get Dunkin’ for the drive home. Free birthday coupon! Large! Iced! Coffee! Caramel! Cream! Sugar! Dom falls asleep on the way home after pronouncing over and over that he doesn’t want to go home! He just really enjoys his solo mom time right? Let's go with that.
2:15 pm: He wakes when I pull in to the garage and continues that sentiment as if he had never stopped. We head in and I unpack our lunch and prep the kid’s lunches for tomorrow. I empty the dishwasher too before it’s time for us to head to the bus stop. And just like that! My babies are all home with me! Finally!
3:15 pm: The kids finish up what is left of their lunches and immediately start snacking. Because school makes them famished, apparently. David does his homework and I clean and repack their lunches for tomorrow. I don't make Letty do her homework right away because this is just better for the both of us so she turns on The Princess Diaries. I'm perusing Facebook and I see that crap! The Lego Challenge at our library starts in a few minutes so.... off we go! The challenge is to build a car, then share, and then race! We see a few friends of Letty's from school too!
4:15 pm: Home again and now I make Letty do her homework. Her math, her reading, and her writing. We all have to eat a super early dinner because my meeting starts at 5:15. I have just enough time after dinner to throw all the kids in the tub/shower and get them in their pjs before I have to leave.
5:15 pm: This first meeting is at our church with the children's ministry person. She goes over what to expect this year for our Wednesday night church thing (I'm very succinct aren't I?). It's new name: Quest. Just picture youth group on a Wednesday night for elementary kids. I'm going to be the point person for all the first grade small group leaders. The rest of the leaders will be arriving to have a big group meeting then so I help her set up and so on....
6:15 pm: They brought pretzel bites! And mustard! How is one to say no? I obviously did not. I get to meet other leaders or see ones I already knew and so forth... More info is given about Quest and what's different this year... etc...
7:15 pm: I'm home and the boys are already asleep so I check on them and then in my most firmest of voices I tell Letty that she should be asleep already! Silence! But yes I love you and here is a hundred kisses and I'm sorry I had to be away for a few hours tonight. She is really excited because she was reading with daddy for awhile and he let her get another story if she paid him with a kiss on the cheek. Sounds good to me!
8:15 pm: It's adult beverage and Game of Thrones time! We are getting close to The Very Bad Episode... Which I will not watch. We watch the premier of the newest season of Real Housewives of NJ after. Gotta mix the heavy with the silly. I can't believe Danielle Staub is back! Gasp!
9:15 pm: Matt reads somewhere that it's National Taco Day? I don't know, there is a day for everything. But then he insists that he cannot let such a day go by uncelebrated so he goes over and makes himself (and me) tacos. Some snack right before bed right? After all of thattttttt I then head up for bed. I make sure to be in there promptly at 10 because wow does 5:15 a.m. come quickly!

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