the summer of yes in review

I had a goal this summer, The Summer of Yes. A summer in which I would give them the summer of their dreams. The summer where late nights and long days were the norm. Where I said yes to all and let them go to bed dirty and just be kids and live the dream. Where I could try on the Fun Mom Hat, even if just for a season. Not many people who knew me though I could make it, I'm far too neurotic and rigid for such silliness....
And now that it's over I'm alive to tell the tale.... I survived the Summer of Yes. I let them stay up late. I let Letty sleep in our bed countless times. I skipped the tub in favor of a night swim. I encouraged fire pits. I planned the day full of activities and adventures and play dates. We were constantly going somewhere and doing something. Late night ice cream? Hersheypark? You betcha! Bed times be damned! We watched fireworks and looked at the stars... Their hair is bleached and their backs are brown... They were barefoot more than in shoes. It was my idea of a Sandlot summer!

The kids had a blast. I even enjoyed myself. I'm just exhausted now. Spent. My body. My mind. I need some recuperative sleep that is for sure. Would I do it again? Sure thing! Just give me a few months to rest and maybe stay under a blanket for a while.

All that to say... The Summer of Yes is over... And now it is on to the Fall of No. To be followed immediately by the Winter of Hell to the No. Oh I kid, I kid.



  1. the fall of no hahahahaha. honestly, this sounds awesome and fun and completely and utterly exhausting. but go you, seriously. now sleep for 6 months.

  2. I am so glad you survived! Your summer looked like it was jam packed full of fun and love. That pictures is amazing btw!!

  3. lol winter of hell. i mean seriously. i'm so glad you did all the things. all so wonderful the memories you made!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. A summer of yes sounds like one that was packed full of memories they will remember always! Pool baths are a summer staple. That last paragraph has me cracking up! Love it.

  5. ahhhh your summer of yes makes me SO HAPPY!!! i can just imagine that feeling of being a kid and soaking up summer. but i feel you on the need for structure, especially when there is school in the picture! i am learning how to enter the fall of no realm and absolutely dreading the winter of hell no! but... i have a feeling it's just around the corner!!


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