the run for fitness!

This past Wednesday, on a day of practically record-breaking heat, was our elementary school's annual Run for Fitness. So many kids turn out and they run around the field and everyone cheers like a loon (just my mom and I? no?) and I think it's a wonderful event! To me running as a kid was like, the worst and now I obviously run every day so.... let's start them young!

And now! For the runners! 
David, as the younger one, was up first! He was just so excited to finally be able to do something his sister is doing! He would also be very willing to join Girl Scouts and field hockey... Just anything to get involved is his motto! He was super pumped about the race and looked forward to it all week. And his smile never left his little face! He came in about the middle of the pack just loving his life!  Especially since his lady Sydney was waiting for him with a hug and a peck near the finish line!
Letty was really reneging on running this year but I made her, as mother's can do. I knew if she got there she would regret not doing it so. Do it sister. She spent the first half of the lap chatting with her friends, we could tell she was just jogging along with out a care in the world... and then towards the second half she just took off! She was neck and neck with another little girl and as they neared the finish line Letty slowed down and let the girl pass her... Hey at least she is polite! No really, you can go first! So she came in third! Which is awesome! Anyways so the top five placers in each grade/gender get to do the Championship Race which you betcha, I am also making her run. Yay!
Regardless of placing status I am just thrilled that they participated and had fun! Of course! And it is such a cool thing to see how social they are and all their little friends they have made! When I think back to this time last year and how much has changed I'm just shocked by it all. All these friends all three of us have made... School has it's perks, I suppose....

Last year's race here!