strasburg railroad another time around

Happy Labor Day from the denial train (ha, get it?)! Hope that everyone is just relishing in the final kick-off of summer! We hope to be spending the day by the pool and having a bbq with family before the sadness of tomorrow comes bright and early... 

But last week! Last week I took the kids to Strasburg Railroad. We go here often yes.... To spy Thomas, to meet up with Santa, and even once to ride on Thomas... The kids got free tickets for a ride on the regular train after their summer library reading program ended so I knew I had to take them before school started! I had heard you can get off at one point along the line and bring a lunch and so that is just what I intended to do! The real star of the show this day was Dominic though. He was good as gold and just loved every second of it! His face every time the train whistled was just priceless and I mean for once he just was the best child of the bunch.

I'll fast forward all the icky parts about David and his food/control/whatever issues and say that the ride was great. The stop was not. And I don't know why I bother. But best if we do not dwell on it.
It is in times like these that I think school might be just what David needs...



  1. I love that first picture. Free tickets are always a good thing. Plus, I am pretty sure those kids can't get enough of this place. It is sad that summer is ending. How quickly she went. Sigh. :-)

  2. lol ship him to school. too funny. i love the photos though. i mean, car to yourself? seat's taken.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. this is SO cute!!! i definitely wanna do this sort of thing with mine sometime!! is there anything cooler than a train ride?!


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