some morning dom and me time with smile brilliant

I really had no clue what to expect with these early fall mornings home once the bigger kids left for school. I was quite anxious about it actually. I've never had a two and a half year old to myself, I've always had another infant at this stage in the older one's life. If that makes any sense? When Letty was two and a half David was six months old, when David was two and a half Dom was a wee babe of one month. You get it. So these weekdays at home with this bigger kids out the door at 7 a.m. seemed a bit daunting to me. What would they look like? What would Dom look like?
I made a list of cleaning projects that I wanted to do, you know the things that no one wants to do but that you know your mother does and well what else are you going to do so might as well, right? 
I planned on reading a lot more, scouring lists of the best books of the year for ones that looked interesting to me... I figured instead of adding to my Amazon habit/addiction I would be checking out said books from our local library after a quick visit to their toddler story time of course... 
I also figured there would be quite a few slow mornings sipping multiple cups of coffee and watching the news with Dom perched on my lap... And couch tickles because those always end up happening. Slow mornings filled with every day things like folding laundry and putting the dishes away... Can't forget the weekly (bi) Target runs and the park visits... And walks. Lots of brisk walks around the neighborhood, just Dom and I. And I tried really hard to not let that pesky sad fact overwhelm me.
I'm not one to like to be alone (clearly), or to have the slow "me" type times (ha! What are those like anyways?). I thrive on doing many things at once and going in many different directions throughout the day. When Smile Brilliant contacted me about trying out their Teeth Whitening Solution I was immediately pleased  by how simple the whole process was to do! You mean I can comfortably whiten while I run/read/shower/fold laundry/go for a walk/clean the playroom for the millionth time? Sign me up.
I've done a teeth whitening routine before, many years ago, but it's been over a decade (yikes!). The strips that only get the front few teeth and slide around... you know the ones... As we all know I love my red wine, my coffee, my diet soda... All bad things for these choppers. It was time!
I felt super fabulous when I got this kit because I got to create a mold of my teeth that Smile Brilliant then used to make my very own personalized teeth whitening trays! So each and every tooth would be reached by the whitening gel, every nook and cranny. I have had sensitive teeth all my live long days so they sent me the whole teeth whitening for sensitive teeth set up of course. I chose to whiten for 45 minutes doing whatever I want to do that day (all the things!) and then use the desensitizing gel for another 20 minutes or so and I do this every other day. Just to give my sensitive teeth a break. So in other words, whitening sensitive teeth at home can work!
It didn't take too long to see results, coffee and wine and soda beware! The teeth just look brighter and more "brilliant" to me (see what I did there?). Check out the before and after below. See also how much of my tan I have lost in these past few weeks! Oh the horror of a chilly August and early September! I plan on continuing to whiten as the need arises in the future! Can't let that smile dull in the slightest.
Smile Brilliant has been so kind as to gift a teeth whitening solution (a $139 value) to one of you lovely readers! Click here to enter the giveaway. It will be open for one week from today and is available to US, UK, Australia and Canadian residents. If you just can't wait to get your own solution use code 'blogandiamo10' for 10% off your purchase!


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