some fall decor...

I say finally because I mean, it is the middle of September so that's not like super late or something but for me, historically, it is. I was the whole decorate your house for fall the end of August type of gal for many many moons. I just wasn't feeling it because: school. But with the kids gone at school all day I looked around my almost empty home and thought well sure, now is the time. Let's make it happen.

I personally think the dining room is my favorite room, all without a single dash of orange! What does that say about me!? My apologies for the play room but well, it's a play room! Chaos! Anarchy!

So what do you guys think? Anyone else go crazy for fall decorating? 

Past year's fall decor here, here, here and here! Personally I love looking back through these old posts just to see all the changes we've done to the house! Always something!



  1. i LOVE how your fall decor has evolved over the years. i remember when you got that pumpkin by the coffee maker! and i love the white in the dining room. i also need to know if our photo has made it to the gallery wall. i think the tie dye shirt one should do it. get back to me. lol

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Can you come decorate my house for fall? Okay great thank you.

  3. Come decorate my home, please!! I love your home so much sweet friend. The fall decor is beautiful.


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