some fall decor...

I say finally because I mean, it is the middle of September so that's not like super late or something but for me, historically, it is. I was the whole decorate your house for fall the end of August type of gal for many many moons. I just wasn't feeling it because: school. But with the kids gone at school all day I looked around my almost empty home and thought well sure, now is the time. Let's make it happen.

I personally think the dining room is my favorite room, all without a single dash of orange! What does that say about me!? My apologies for the play room but well, it's a play room! Chaos! Anarchy!

So what do you guys think? Anyone else go crazy for fall decorating? 

Past year's fall decor here, here, here and here! Personally I love looking back through these old posts just to see all the changes we've done to the house! Always something!