so... what's new with you?

I know what's been up with me... and that's a whole lot of feeling sorry for myself about the returning of school... Nostalgic feelings about the passage of time and opportunities missed... Which let's be honest, we didn't miss much. The hole in my days that happen when the kids go away and I'm left with just one. It's a lot. For me anyways. It's a big giant cloud that has been hovering over my head these past few weeks... I'll get over it, just like last year. Give me a week and I'll be Fall this and Fall that. Pumpkins everywhere. You just wait.
The kids, after much deliberation, finally decided on their Halloween costumes. The whole group theme thing is long gone unfortunately. But Letty of course had to be wearing this. The freckles. The hair. She's a fit that's for sure.

I have great plans on doing an entire house deep clean. I should capitalize that. Deep Clean. Every room, every surface... All the boring things that I should be doing more often but I just never do. The base moldings. The ceiling fans. The blinds. Blah. I made a very intense list and I hope to do like one room a day. I did some stuff before the kids even went back that made sense like the pantry and all the below sink cabinets. And man did you know about cleaning your washing machine? I didn't. So I did that too. I figure it's better than redecorating the entire house.

This mom ranting about parents complaining about school supplies is right on. I will buy my kids teachers the moon if I could. They deserve it. And a cuddle. 

In another attempt at saving money I have been really getting back in to reading. That was sort of a summer by the pool type thing which don't even get me started on the pool situation but yeah. Reading! I've been reading the first four books in the House of Night series, which are alright. Easy reads for sure even if it is silly adolescent vampire stuff. If such stuff existed. I also read The Magnolia Story which I loved loved loved. Those Gaines'..... They got me good. I especially enjoyed when Chip would chime in with his two cents. It just fits them so much I feel like.

How Batman found his voice.... I will stop at nothing for a quick and easy giggle these days and Matt shared this with me last week... The John Malkovich one is my personal favorite. I'm bet-ter. I'm strong-ger. I'm Bat-MAN! Ah Batman humor. 

Some new (to me) Instagram accounts, Jean, Rebekah, sokorarain, Danielle. Algorithm be damned... you're still my favorite social media app. You saucy minx you. But please remove the algorithm. Thanks.

So, what's new with all of you? Anyone else sharing in my beginning of school blues? I know some of you have had your kids back for weeks now to which I say, how?

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  1. I always have blues at this time of year because I miss being in college so much..everyone that said it was the best time of your life was right (at least for me). I can't imagine how it must feel when you have kinds though..different kind of blues. Hope you feel better about it soon!

  2. I would really like Instagram to remove the algorithm as well.

  3. I feel the same way as you do about the kids off at school. Their first day was yesterday and my 1st grader had a little lump in his throat when I left him. I wanna keep them in a bubble as long as possible! OMG! That Belle costume is adorable. My kids think they know what they want to be, but I'm so reluctant to buy their costumes this early because they are fickle. Ha!

  4. I have been in the deep cleaning mood too. It's been so smoky here lately there is o my so much you can do indoors before you go crazy. That algorithm is the worst.

  5. Washing machines... Fickle beasts. We inherited ours and it has some quirks, let's say. I think it might need taking apart completely to clean and fix, but I haven't the first clue how to do that so for now I'll have to put up with random rusty lookin' streaks on my clean clothes. Yay.

  6. um, i love Letty's costume and want it for myself. i did not know about cleaning washing machines. how do you do that? run a cycle with nothing in it or something? i love planning Deep Clean days. I know it would be easier if i did all the things more often but i'd rather be a slob and do the bare minimum daily, then a deep clean every now and again. i like silly adolescent vampire stuff so i'm checking that series out.

  7. oooo vintage belle. yes. love and approve. too bad they won't match anymore but that's ok. and deep cleans are so satisfying. i want to do one after this storm.

    xoxo cheshire kat


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