school, the first day plus a bit of the second

Ah school! Yes, I'm still talking about it. There's nothing one can do to stop it, it just comes along and whether you are ready or not there it is just the same, the first day! Like a freaking steamroller, demolishing all things happy and joyful in it's path.

Okay okay fine. I'm done now.
The first day! I was awake super early going over everything in my head, dotting those i's and all that. I ran before the sun was up and woke the kids up bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Letty had a full day, with a request to wear red (every day a different color for the first two weeks) like the rest of the first graders... And David would have himself a short day after a parent breakfast in the cafeteria. So I only lost one kid for the day... Not that drop-off went by without tears because don't you know me by now? I heard from the kindergarten teachers that they saw Letty walking in and she was happy and looked good so I felt a huge sigh of relief there.

David's breakfast was quick, he even tried a sticky bun! Kindergarten has changed him! Then we did a scavenger hunt and explored the room before heading home for the day. A nice slow start is just the ticket for this mama!
All four of us stood waiting on the corner for the bus that afternoon for what seemed like forever but was really more like 25 minutes.... I guess they are just busy working those kinks out! But there she came! Back into my arms! Having herself quite the good first day and all. Even though she looks miserable in this photo....
But then came day two for Letty... full day one for David. Oh my. My oh my. Can I just say how nice it is to a) have Letty in the same building, walking in with him, waving at him when they pass and ii) to have so many moms I know sending me messages and even a photo of my boy letting me know he's doing just fine and good even! It makes it all so much more bearable. See also the mom who met me for a lunch and a beverage. All wonderful peoples! Love this community!
And then he got off the bus! I was standing in the middle of the road like the loon I am, arms wide open, all come here to me my boy! But he was a man on a mission. Right to the sidewalk. Just as he was told. That rule follower... Love him.
And will ya know something? I didn't even cry the next morning when we dropped them off together once more! Can ya believe it!? They held hands again as they walked up, looking over their shoulder and calling out goodbyes to us both waving and smiling the entire way.... Every day gets easier. As they say. 

Now if only we could adjust to these early mornings and long days...