our oily back to school routine

As the end of summer started looming it's nasty head the anxiety just really started to take over our lives. Me so more than anyone to be sure, but a lot of it reflected in the kids as well. I lost sleep, lying in bed worrying over things I couldn't control, big and small. I knew this would go away, it did last year, but still. It was there. The return of routines and time constraints weighed on Matt and I as we mourned the loss of our kids and our "freedom". The kids were anxious about the great big new school. The lack of friends in their classes. Unknown things and change really affects us all right? 

And now that we are a few weeks in we all know we have survived this transition (of course we would). We sleep better now. We have the new routine pretty well figured out at this point in the game. We may not love it, but it's here to stay. Till June anyway.

That doesn't mean we haven't had some help though! With the influx of "feelings" and concern for the kid's health and general well-being, I contacted my very favorite Rocky Mountain Oils to see what they would suggest to help ease our suffering.... And so now, our daily routines include a whole bunch of oils and rollers balls and diffuser blends to help us stay on the right foot!
We start our morning off with the diffuser working the lavender and bergamot mixture just to calm down what is already a chaotic process. There is also a peppermint/beragmot/lime blend that works well in helping wake the kids up first thing. We like to let our kids sleep longer in the mornings but that also means it's time to get their stuff together when it is wakey wakey time. We get them dressed/fed/teeth and hair brushed and out the door in a half an hour. So this diffuser blend just sort of helps the panic from setting in.

My kids were oh so lucky to be gifted with back-to-school colds and coughs so as they are getting dressed I'll use the Breathe roller ball on their chest to help alleviate their cough symptoms some. It's also during this time that I use the Immunity roller ball on their spines/soles of their feet. I swear by this stuff so much. Let me tell you my children smell wonderful as they head off on their way to another day at school. Deep breaths children, all around! As a bonus my children are extra ticklish so this always starts a round of giggles and laughing is just so so good for the soul. For mama and kiddos alike.

After bus pick up (yes they ride the bus now) I like to use the Clear Head roller ball on myself just to ease some of the tension of this morning. Sometimes if the kids seem to be particularly amped about something I'll roll it on their foreheads as well.

By the time the kids get off the bus by the end of the day I've got Tranquility or Unwind (a similar blend) diffusing in the kitchen. Typically the kids are practically sprinting in the door and it's a whole lot of shoes off! Wash your hands! Finish what is left in your lunch! Do your homework! Stop wrestling with Dominic! And I just don't want it to be that way. I want calmness and just to give them some moments of well, tranquility, before the rest of our day. It's during this time when I'm usually barking orders and prepping for tomorrow that I like to use the True Blue roller ball on myself, heck on everyone, why not!? It helps promote peace and eases frustration and we all have our fair share of those don't we?

Like I mentioned before our kids started off the school year with a slight head cold/cough situation so I like to use Eucalyptus to help open up their sinuses and ease their cough. I put a few drops in a roller ball and apply to their chest or you can put a few drops in the shower before they go in there... the steam always helps as well their congestion. Same goes if you have extra diffusers that can go in their rooms.

Right before bed it is alllll about the Counting Sheep roller ball. I put it on their forehead and I think honestly it just smells so very good and wonderfully calming. We also diffuse lavender while we sleep and of course I have the lavender linen spray that I use quite liberally (love that stuff!). A deep sleep is so important!

These roller balls that RMO has for the kids are seriously my absolute favorite. I love how they are all ready to go and there's no mixing involved on my part and they are already diluted enough that they are safe for their new skin. And I use them on myself too of course! So what about you guys? If you're on this whole essential oil train that is. Do you have any back-to-school oil tips for us to try?