our labor day

Our Labor Day (just a few days ago and yet I feel like I've been through the ringer since then, hashtag school and T.G.I.F.) turned out having two totally separate and quite different parts... There was the first part, which was reminiscent of all things good about summer, with pool time  and sunshine and drinks and a lovely barbecue with family. I'm absolutely loving my end of season impulse purchase of Fiona the Friendly Flamingo if I may say so... I'm just lamenting the fact I barely got to use her! The kids all swam even though the water was a bit chilly if you ask me... I think anything under 80 degrees just isn't worth dipping my toe in, let alone swimming in. But. Kids are resilient. Oh and my sister made a napoleon..... Yum yum yum.
And then there was the second half, which was definitely a nod towards the incoming fall season with a corn maize that just so happened to be at the farm across the street from our house! Talk about convenient. They also had a petting zoo and a hay tunnel, as well as a corn maize just for the littles. We haven't done a corn maize since before children so we had quite the fun time traipsing around the field with all of the kids and family and such. The kids loved petting all the cute baby animals and I'm lucky that we left without a bunny of our very own! Thanks to Nonna and Pop for the treat!
I spent the majority of this day in my own little funk about what it meant and what tomorrow brought... We had the kids bathed and in bed back to their old school schedule before we knew it that evening... And it just stinks, that's all.

Thanks to my sister-in-law for some of these photos of course!

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