my fall bucket list

Fall.... Yes, I love it, just like the rest of the blogging world... Just not as much as I used to before public school. But love it I do just the same. I've already gotten my pumpkins and decorated the house (more on that later of course).... But as always I've got lots and lots of plans filling up these fall months...

- The biggest and most important is: CUDDLE THAT NEPHEW. I'm going to drive my sister and brother-in-law nuts I am just sure of it but I want to love that little man something fierce!  And smell him!
- Take the kids to their first high school football game. This was on the list last year but we never got there. A combination of the whole not really into sports thing plus strict bed times.
- Disney World baby! It's been two years since we have been there and I just couldn't be more excited! We are staying at fantastic resort and can walk to Epcot and it's basically my dream. Yay! 58 days!
- Check out the Farm Show Parade. I've heard it's amazing as far as parades go and the kids get a lot of candy. I'll just over look the bedtime thing...
- Fall Fests upon Fall Fests... SKH's of course is a must, and then there is the one in Elizabethtown too.
- Pick apples! Again! Many times! Make stuff with said apples!
- My niece's third birthday party! I cannot get over how it feels like just yesterday we were celebrating her second!
- Take Dom up to Zoo America as often as the weather allows...
- Pumpkin picking! One can just never have too many pumpkins!
- The Manheim Farm Show and all the kid's field trips that that involves...
- Get an updated family photo at some point. My sister-in-law always hooks us up with these and they are always my favorite!
- Our annual Gettysburg day trip! Again, this never made the cut last year but I hope to get it on the books this year. The leaf peepage should be good and I really do enjoy it! As strange as that may sound to many...
- Stove top potpourri. It's amazing. See also use my diffuser a ton with all my fun new oils!
- Hersheypark in the Dark. We got there a few times last year and let's just get it all in while we can these days!
- Take the kids to this rail trail again for a bike ride. The leaves there are gorgeous once they turn!
- Trick or Treating, of course.
- Movies movies movies. Casper and Hocus Pocus and of course my favorite, You've Got Mail!
- Get a group shot of the kids in their Halloween costumes. Theme or not I know it'll go a lot better than last year's! Dom loves to dress up now...
- Celebrate our eleventh anniversary. Time flies! We will probably do something crazy like leave the kids for an hour and run out for Italian food and a glass of vino... Living large.
- And let us not forget the ton of school events sprinkled all over my calendar... book fairs and back to school nights and the like.

So what about you? What's on your fall bucket list?